Sunday, October 26, 2014

My breath of fresh air

I'm currently on a plane flying back from a visit with one of best friends and her husband. For some reason I have been very sensitive on this trip, maybe because it was so needed. In my "extensive travels" I have made a few observations I would like to share. 

Traveling allows you a great opportunity to observe people. Two observations stood out to me on this trip. First, there was the most darling old man sitting in front of us on the flight out. He was so darling about having coffee to dip his cookies in. I don't know why, but this made me smile so much! The second cute old man was in church on Sunday. I'm a mormon, and in our church members pass our weekly sacrament. This man fulfilled this sacred, but somewhat routine ordinance with such profound respect. He gently lowered the tray to the first person sitting on the pew, placing his other hand under the tray for support. This simple gesture warmed my heart. 

This coupled with the opportunity to basically just serve my sweet friend this entire trip was exactly what I needed! Lately I have been feeling so overwhelmed, and useless! Things are constantly out of my ability to fix, and constantly negative. I feel so grateful that I have had this blessing to just step back for a minute. 

So now as I fly over the beautiful San Francisco Bay I feel so loved. The amazing view outside my window sincerely takes my breath away. The lord loves me, andore importantly, loves those that I love. He will take care of all his children! I am so blessed!

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