Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about the principle of hope lately. It seems like My Heavenly Father has been bringing to attention many of the holes in my faith and allowing me to work to fill them, and hope is one of those gaps.

I was so excited to receive the conference addition this week and have the oppertunity to re-read the talk by Elder Snow entitled hope. He talks about how Hope is one of the fundementals along with faith and charity. and defines it as "looking forward with desire and reasonable confidence."  Reading this talk reminded me of another talk that I have fallen in love with, by Elder Holland entitled "Christ, A high chancleor of good things to come." It is an incredible talk, that is so extremely powerful. One of my favorite lines is "each person needs to know that there is some respite from their troubles up ahead." (forgive me if i didnt get it right.) As i am working for my testimony of hope I love the simple council to hope for good things to come. That somewhere down the road, or everyday if i am looking for it The Lord will bless me with something to remind me of why I have hope. Who knows when those good things are coming or in what form they will come, but they will come. It is hard to define what to hope for, especially if you are a self-pesimist like me, but I am working on defining my list.

The most important hope is the hope in the atonement of Christ. The hope that even though you may feel like you are absolutely failing in every way that the atonement covers that and can lift you to reach new hights. Elder Snow says that it empowers you "eternal perspective." I am so excited to continue to study this principle and apply it to my life.

Now for you five readers. Please dont think that i am the most depressed one or that i need to be showered with uplifting "april is the best" comments. That is not my intent. I am chuggin, learning and hopefully progressing towards my ultimate goal. I just thought i would share my simple insights on a principle that i have recently been studying.

p.s.. American Idol reminded me of this song that i love (Please dont judge me for watching americal idol.) It sends an absolutly empowering message of hope. Enjoy.