Sunday, March 4, 2012

The Post-It Miracle

This week has been an incredible reminder of what a incredibly blessed life I live. Here is my story...

At the begining of this week I was at the end of my rope. Everything in my life was so dark, and my happy was no where in sight. To be honest, there was nothing going on that should have left me that down, but the combination of everying was nasty and hopeless. I was completely overwhelmed and unable to dig myself out. Silly me, of course I couldnt dig out on my own! I drove home BAWLING, called my good friend and just choked back the tears.  I got to work on Tuesday and I had to put my head between my knees to stop from crying at work. I had been pleading with My Father to release the bonds that were strangling my heart, but I was still bound.

Feeling nasty Tuesday morning I voiced one last plea before my students arrived in a few hours. That is when the miracle post-it entered my life. I vowed then to not just look for the positive, but search for it. Searching requires intense action and detication. I grabbed a post-it and decided I was going to document what I found on my quest. Nothing really changed... but everything changed.

My co-worker came in to complain and give me some bad news. I wrote down "My co-worker is comfortable sharing with me." A student came in an hour and a half before school starts, she was not supposed to be there yet and I still had a ton to do before my students arrived. I wrote down "My students know I am here to help them." The morning continued this way. Things were still nasty, but my perspective had changed.  I kept this special miracle post-it stuck to the underside of my desk. I didn't have time to document anything else, but I was more aware.

I know that I did not change my mind set on my own, and I know it wont keep without some serious work.  The complete night and day change was incredible. It is another testiment to me how much The Lord really loves me, not only did he bless me in my hour of need, but he placed many people in my life that I know were praying for me.

Things continue to me far from ideal, but they are so great! I have been blessed with a renewed desire to be happy and to recognize just how blessed I really am. WOW!