Friday, December 30, 2011

My Second Homestead: Room 237

So looking at these pictures I realized I have a very boring/plain classroom.  It works for us! Please understand that I took these pictures during recess when my students were away (so the chairs wouldn't be stacked.) That is why it looks extremely lived in, and not at all clean. Cut us a break!

Those of you who know me know that Stargirl is my favorite book of all time! Hence I am forcing my kiddos to love it as well. We read it as a class then, they write small acts of service they see on the suns.  They are so darling and kind to each other... most of the time.

So, this doesn't look like much, but I am feeling pretty good about it!  I am a firm believer that part of the problem with child literacy is access to text.  Well, thanks in part to my great grandparents,  my dear friend, and a lot of garage sales, hopefully my students will not have that excuse!

This is my "space".  There is an invisible line that the students are not allowed to cross. I often times have students ask "Miss Keyes, can I go in your space?"  Notice the large amounts of post-it notes (there are usually more) this addiction was inspired by my wonderful mentor! My students are getting wise to my forgetfulness. They will tell me something that is important then ask "Do you want me to write you a sticky?" They are way too patient with me.

This is my one semi-cutesy thing in my room.  I adore the message in this book. At the beginning of the year we wrote down mountains we were going to move that year.  Thanks to my incredible mom who made this little reminder for my students of their amazing potential... ok I need reminding all the days as well. 

This is the extent of my bulletin boards. I am not artsy, so this is what we get. I am not a fan of large extensive changes each month, so I just switch the posters to match what we are currently studying. Yup, I am no nonsense!

Well, I thought I took more/better pictures. I hope this is sufficient to those of who have requested pictures of where I spend 70% of my life, and 95% of my thoughts.  I feel so blessed to work in such an amazing environment, with such amazing students! Yup...I am blessed!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Miss Electricity, Mrs.Keyes, and Mom

So I have planned to post when I took so pictures. Well I took the pictures, but just realized I left the camera in my classroom. Be excited when I add them to the post later. Now to explain the title.

We rotate for science and I teach electricity. My co-worker said that one of her students couldn't remember my name so called me Miss Electricity. I love it! Speaking of co-workers, I have the best ones on the planet. They are so kind and patient with a little newb like me! I am exceptionally blessed to work with them. They not only provide me with a constant supply of copies, lesson idea, and direction, they also make me laugh all the time! We are very productive and effective, but also I find myself doubled over unable to breath I am laughing so hard all the time! This is so vital in the often times frustrating world of the 5th grade classroom. I am so blessed!

The second part of the title comes from one of my favorite stories. (p.s. if you know me at all you know better than to ask about my students because I could tell stories for hours about my darling little nuggets!) One of my students had to write my name on something and he came up to be completely bugged because he said it was easier for him to write and say "Mrs. Keyes" instead of "Miss Keyes." He told me that I needed to get married so that he could write and say the "Mrs" This started a conversation about how their third grade teacher was engaged in that very classroom and how they are convinced that it will happen the same for me this year. Not likely, but really cute regardless! To be honest, I do not love being single, but I have been very blessed to know that I am right where The Lord wants me to be right now. That is a great feeling.  I have also been blessed to have had to opportunity to get to know great guys in my dating adventures. Some more great than others, but I am still grateful for the opportunity to date. I know that this is a trial for many girls, so I am grateful. 

The last part of the title comes from the increasing occurrence of my students calling me mom. While they are so embarrassed, I love it! I am so thankful that I have the opportunity to be a small part of their small lives. It is a huge blessing that I am reminded of often.  The blessings of the past few months continue to pile up and I am completely overwhelmed.  The Lord knows each of us on such a personal level, it is great to look back and see how he is gently guiding me to where/who I need to be.  I am no where near who The Lord needs me to be, but I am grateful to be striving to move in that direction. WOW! I AM BLESSED!

Sunday, September 4, 2011


Well sportz fanz, for those of you who thought that i had dropped off the face of the planet, i kinda have. About the middle of June I got a job teaching 5th grade. YAY... yikes. Well I have spent every second possible since then preparing for the amazing 29 little guys that get to be in my care for 6 hrs every day. It is overwhelming at least. WOW.

For those of you who know me well you know that I am terrible with change, and that I need to have all my ducks in a row at all times. This challenge is not one that really allows for that very often. Most days I feel like i am just spinning my wheels, working as hard as possible, but going no where. It is extremely challenging. A challenge that most will never understand. Sometimes I wish that i could have a job were if they tell me I will be paid from 8:30-4:00 I actually stop working at 4:00, but realistically, I cant think of career I would rather be doing. Its amazing how blessed I have been through this entire process. I could tell you stories that would mean nothing to you about how deeply i have been blessed by the small simple things that show how much My Heavenly Father knows and loves me, but that would probably bore you.

It is funny cause all through my education they said that you would always feel guilty about your first year and i totally believe it. I feel like I am teaching my students nothing, and am no where near where i need to be, but they just keep showing up every morning anyway. They are such a good group of kids and i am so blessed to be their partial steward for a portion of the day. Just dont tell them that I really dont know anything (I'm getting really good at faking it!) That about sums up the newness of my life. I will try to post pictures of non-frooffy classroom in the near future. I think my camera may be on it's last leg. Sad day.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Playin' 5 Year Old with The Lil' Sis

I am convinced that I will never really stop being five years old. The even better part is that I have somehow been able to surround myself with a couple incredible people with the same awesome standing! one of these people is my fabulous little sister Sarah. She is so amazing! I don't know how, but she has this incredible ability to make any environment happy. She nullifies lame quarrels like a pro! I am inspired by her attitude and he deeply rooted love and desire to do right. She is such an incredible friend and example. WOW! Again I am blessed. 

 This past Sunday I went up to the padres house and we decided to play chalk (naturally, because we are 5.) It was so fun! we ended up playing for a while creating a collage of our favorite words. Of course we had to take pictures!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Headline: Another Bestie Finds Her Eternal Best Friend

So since there is obviously nothing super exciting going on in my worl, I have had nothing to blog about. To be honest this blog is becoming a place for me to vent more than anything else. Well sorry to disapoint, but my world is still lacking in excitement, but one of my best friends in the entire world since 7th grade is getting married!!!!

This news has caused me to reflect on how absolutely wonderful it is to have the sealing keys here upon the earth. It blows my mind that we have to oppertunity to be with someone we love for eternity and even better that that person can hold Gods power and can use it to benifit your family. How absolutely incredible! Honestly, just think about that for a second.....WOW!

My besties (three so far) have each had the wonderful oppertunity that i was describing above. They have married wonderful men, who are so kind to the, at times intense, me who they just can't seem to shake. I have been very impressed with them, but why wouldnt I be, they married some of the most incredible people in the entire world.

What a crazy world we live in, but isnt it comforting to see the joy that is constantly surrounding us. We really are so gently taken care of by someone who loves us far beyond what we could ever comprehend. I am overwhelmed by the care, love and joy that constantly poured out upon us. Right now i think that most of that joy is currently exploding out of my dear friend Roo, who gets to realize the joy of being sealed to her love Aug. 18th. WOW, that's love.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


I have been thinking a lot about the principle of hope lately. It seems like My Heavenly Father has been bringing to attention many of the holes in my faith and allowing me to work to fill them, and hope is one of those gaps.

I was so excited to receive the conference addition this week and have the oppertunity to re-read the talk by Elder Snow entitled hope. He talks about how Hope is one of the fundementals along with faith and charity. and defines it as "looking forward with desire and reasonable confidence."  Reading this talk reminded me of another talk that I have fallen in love with, by Elder Holland entitled "Christ, A high chancleor of good things to come." It is an incredible talk, that is so extremely powerful. One of my favorite lines is "each person needs to know that there is some respite from their troubles up ahead." (forgive me if i didnt get it right.) As i am working for my testimony of hope I love the simple council to hope for good things to come. That somewhere down the road, or everyday if i am looking for it The Lord will bless me with something to remind me of why I have hope. Who knows when those good things are coming or in what form they will come, but they will come. It is hard to define what to hope for, especially if you are a self-pesimist like me, but I am working on defining my list.

The most important hope is the hope in the atonement of Christ. The hope that even though you may feel like you are absolutely failing in every way that the atonement covers that and can lift you to reach new hights. Elder Snow says that it empowers you "eternal perspective." I am so excited to continue to study this principle and apply it to my life.

Now for you five readers. Please dont think that i am the most depressed one or that i need to be showered with uplifting "april is the best" comments. That is not my intent. I am chuggin, learning and hopefully progressing towards my ultimate goal. I just thought i would share my simple insights on a principle that i have recently been studying.

p.s.. American Idol reminded me of this song that i love (Please dont judge me for watching americal idol.) It sends an absolutly empowering message of hope. Enjoy.


Saturday, April 30, 2011

I'll get back to you

Ok, so I wanted to write this fun post, but Dad is back and the game is on. The Cardinals are kinda a big deal. So, I will get back to you.