Monday, June 13, 2011

Headline: Another Bestie Finds Her Eternal Best Friend

So since there is obviously nothing super exciting going on in my worl, I have had nothing to blog about. To be honest this blog is becoming a place for me to vent more than anything else. Well sorry to disapoint, but my world is still lacking in excitement, but one of my best friends in the entire world since 7th grade is getting married!!!!

This news has caused me to reflect on how absolutely wonderful it is to have the sealing keys here upon the earth. It blows my mind that we have to oppertunity to be with someone we love for eternity and even better that that person can hold Gods power and can use it to benifit your family. How absolutely incredible! Honestly, just think about that for a second.....WOW!

My besties (three so far) have each had the wonderful oppertunity that i was describing above. They have married wonderful men, who are so kind to the, at times intense, me who they just can't seem to shake. I have been very impressed with them, but why wouldnt I be, they married some of the most incredible people in the entire world.

What a crazy world we live in, but isnt it comforting to see the joy that is constantly surrounding us. We really are so gently taken care of by someone who loves us far beyond what we could ever comprehend. I am overwhelmed by the care, love and joy that constantly poured out upon us. Right now i think that most of that joy is currently exploding out of my dear friend Roo, who gets to realize the joy of being sealed to her love Aug. 18th. WOW, that's love.