Sunday, April 8, 2012

Do you sparkle?

Many of the talks in the first session of The General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints were about being Christlike, and living the way HE would want you to live. That reminded me of a question I have had for a while. Not as much a questions, but a quest. Here it is....

Don't judge, but one of my favorite movies of all times is Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this movie! It is an amazing movie about self-discovery and finding joy. One of my favorite parts goes like this:

Mahoney: I'm stuck!
Mr. Magorium: To the floor?
Mahoney: No, as a person.

The rest of the dialog of this scene is amazingly insightful, but I will save you. (p.s. I tried to find a clip, but it's not out there.) Lately I have really related to Mahoney. I feel stuck as a person. She goes on to say that she mostly lives through the acomplishments of who she was in the past. Yes, I feel like that is me.  I was once completely satisfied with who I was.  Right now, I am stuck.  Scrapping to figure out how I can move forward to become that happily satisfied person I once was.  Later in the movie she see's a sign that says:

"Do you sparkle?"

I love this! Now, the sign is talking about your teeth, but I believe that everyone has the potential to sparkle (so does Mahoney,) to glow with joy and contetment. It does not mean that everything in life is butterflies and rainbows, we all know that rarely happens. But it means that dispite whatever is going on there is an underlying joy that cannot be deminished.  People are drawn to people who sparkle because they focus on the good. They find the SIMPLE joy all around them, and the happieness that comes from serving and making others happy. It does not take something spectacular to make people who sparkle happy, they FIND joy in everything...EVERYTHING! 

Now I have come full circle.  As I was pondering how to get my sparkle back during Conference it hit me, as it has before, that living a Christ centered life is the only way to sparkle. Pretty simple, and I have learned this lesson many times before, but there it is! I feel so incredible blessed to have the ultimate example of sparkle, and that is Jesus Christ.  I am so enthused to get out there and show the world that though I may be partially stuck, I can find the sparkle that I see in so many amazing people around me and become a better person. What an incredible blessing. Sorry kids, but I am the most blessed one!